About Me

Hi! I'm Michael Brian Kelly. Search "Michael Kelly" online and you will find actors, congressmen, doctors, and a thousand other people. That's why I'm using my middle name.

I live in Oklahoma City. At heart, I am a people-oriented problem solver. I have a Ph.D. in math and was a professor for a few years. I love teaching and connecting with students more than research so eventually I left higher academia to work as a curriculum designer. I designed math content for an educational website for K-12 students. When my wife finished her degree she wanted to be near family so I left my job and followed her. It was tough going for a while.

I broadened my job search and one day I came across a digital marketing position on Craigslist of all places. It was a wine cellar seeking a data driven marketer who could justify their work numerically. I didn't know whether it was real at first but I landed the job and spent over 3 years there. Soon I was designing websites, email campaigns, social media posts, menus, food packaging, and I even animated the company logo. I am so thankful I had the opportunity and that I was able to discover the field of graphic design.

Since that role, I've been learning design and animation with whatever spare resources I have. I've attended design bootcamps, purchased many online design and animation courses, and I am always learning and practicing. I still program, too, and use math, Excel, and python daily at work.

If you would like to work with me, go to my homepage and click CONTACT to reveal my email address. (It's hiding from the bots, or at least trying to anyway.)